Run Henry, Run – 3D Printed

triumvirus – id, ego, superego


Can a group of symbols, some recognizable, some unknown, constitute a language? Based on the context of the group of symbols, will readers decode meaning from them? Meanings change over time as context changes. Asemitry was submitted to INDIGO’s Mother Tongue project. Excerpt from “Report to the Icograda General Assembly 24”: The call for entries, […]

Catcall & Response

AUDRIE: Anthropomorphic

AUDRIE is a Robotic Art project that invites participant interaction by means of proximity and touch. The robots respond dynamically and differently to each individual and environment resulting in participants anthropomorphizing / zoomorphizing their behavior; assigning genders, naming them, conversing with them, in spite of the robots geometric, nonbiological physical appearance. We expect stability from […]